As a reputable flooring specialist here in Singapore, Singapore Polish Grind aim to provide cutting edge flooring solutions for both our residential and commercial clients. The floor of a house take the burnt of our everyday activities and are usually the first surface to reflect wear and tear. Ever since Singapore Polish Grind establishment in the 1990s, our only one goal is to help client sustain the lifeshell of their beautiful floor; For we understand the importance of of a beautiful and charming living and office space.

Industry latest and most advanced technology

Singapore Polish Grind has watched and ride on phases of technology change since inception in the 1990s. We ensure the usage of industry’s latest and most advanced technology from Europe to provide clients with a hassle free flooring maintenance process.

Skillful and experienced technician

No floor are born equal. Our technicians are trained to inspect and assess your flooring needs and make professional recommendation accordingly. There is no one size fit all solutions at Singapore Polish Grind. Every case is unique and will receive special care and attention from us.

We strongly believe in the power of Word-of-Mouth marketing. Trust us with your flooring needs like how our customers had.

Family Run Business

Competitive prices

Seven days a week

Experienced technician
Fixing floors & transforming homes islandwide since 1990s.
    A very professional team of flooring expert. My corridor wooden floor was damaged due to water leakage from the bathroom. Upon a free consultation, Mr Lim advised the necessary step of fixing the waterproofing from the bathroom before working on fixing my wooden floors. They managed to repair the damaged area with a identical parquet follow by sanding and varnishing the area. My floor looks new now.
    by FLORENCERiverbay,
    Parquet floor repair
    Had a very good experience engaging Singapore Polish Grind. The technician was very careful and meticulous. He kept the space tidy and clean throughout the whole process. My marble floor was given an excellent treatment, scratches was lifted off and the once dull looking floor is now as shiny as a mirror.
    by MR WONGAmber Residence,
    Marble floor polishing
  • KRIS
    Amazing! They have managed to remove bad water stains to my marble floor and restored it to the point where it looks like new at a very reasonable cost! Very happy customer!
    by KRISFulton Ave,
    Marble floor polishing
    I have an old marble table which has been our family dining table for the past 20 years. Due to wear and tear, mainly from baking stains, it was looking dull and worn out. Singapore Polish Grind’s professional technician was able to grind and polish it using a hnd machine. The marble table is looking like new now. It sure does bring back fond memories when we first got the table 20 years ago.
    by PHILLIPPasir Ris,
    Marble table top
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